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ESI Industrial Gears is active in manufacturing quality industrial gears, precision machining and assembly of mechanical parts. Our technical expertise and our state-of-the-art equipment let us reach a remarkable level of precision. We are able to grind gear products to a near thousandth of an inch! Our team ensures a personalised service always adapted to your needs. Working closely with you, we always provide a high-quality result at the best possible price.


As precise as 0,0001
of an inch.


Always in compliance with
the requested specifications.


Products delivered within
the set deadline.

Specialized gears

From the very beginning, ESI Industrial Gears has carved out an enviable position in manufacturing custom gears and in high-precision CNC machining. Thanks to the remarkable work of our skilled team and the acquisition of performing machinery, rarely seen elsewhere in this industry, we can respond to a wide range of expectations.

Committed to the continuous improvement of our work methods, we have put our clients’ entire satisfaction at the core of our priorities. We are invested in guaranteeing the compliance of the parts produced, to respecting deadlines and to offering a just quality/price ratio.

We have been in the service of equipment manufacturers since 1999!

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Whether it’s gear manufacturing, precision machining or parts assembly, it is with rigour and meticulousness that we work on every mandate. Why? Because we choose to always deliver you an exceptional product.

At ESI Industrial Gears, we have many specialised machines to manufacture high-quality gears. This sophisticated equipment allows us to attain an exceptional level of precision.
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