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ESI Industrial Gears contributes to developing highly precise and robust products.

Custom gears. Machining. Assembly.

Since 1999, we have offered custom gear manufacturing, precision machining and parts assembly services to equipment manufacturers across North America. We have implemented efficient and performing processes and we can offer quick and competitive turnkey services. From design to production, we have the know-how and the equipment to meet your needs and this to the thousandth of an inch! Every part produced in our factories is compliant with specifications as you’ve defined them.

Custom gears

ESI Industrial Gears works mainly with materials like steel, aluminium, plastic, composite and bronze. Our great expertise in making mechanical gears combined with the technologies we use give our clients the opportunity to benefit from the most cost-effective advantages throughout the production line.

Precision machining

At all times, our qualified team follows the production process of high-precision parts. Thanks to performing equipment like our multi-axis production lathe, our 4-axis machining centre and our cylindrical grinding machine, we can produce the exact parts you need.


Our gear parts production and assembly services allow our clients to save important costs and time and to accelerate the assembly of mechanical parts on their own production lines. Parts assembly is an integral element of our advantageous and productive turnkey service.

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