Custom gears

We are passionate about manufacturing high-quality precision gears!

Custom gears production

Undeniably, ESI Industrial Gears possesses the expertise needed for high-precision custom gear cutting. Besides our know-how, we have developed a personalised approach that favors a remarkable collaboration between our team and clients. With a view to constantly optimise our methods as well as the conformity of the parts we make, we are ensured to always provide the best possible results. Our team’s experience allows us to provide, repeatedly, a quality product.

Our gears

With a very diverse park of machinery dedicated to these tasks in our factory, we have the capacity and the flexibility to cut sprockets teeth in the most optimal way. We can cut sprockets teeth for a great variety of custom gears including:

  • External spur gears
  • Internal spur gears
  • External helical gears
  • Worm gears
  • Worm shafts
  • Straight spline shaft / internal or external spline shafts
  • Sprocket wheel
  • Timing pulley

Costs optimisation

ESI Industrial Gears is committed to optimising the costs of making custom gears.
To achieve this, we have put into place 2 cells of production to support manufacturing at a higher volume.

OD 2.5’’ gears and smaller

Our first cell allows volume production of OD 2.5’’ type gears or smaller. These custom gears are produced using our automatic loading and unloading CNC multi-axis lathe. It considerably reduces costs and human interventions associated with the work.

OD 6’’ gears and smaller

Our second cell allows volume production fabrication of OD 6’’ type gears and smaller. The optimal positioning of the CNC 2 lathes multi-axis lets the operator feed the machine according to the calculated time cycle, limiting dead time and production costs.

Our gear production work

Spur gears

Spline shafts

Helical gears

Internal keyways

Worm gears

Equipment for manufacturing gears

Some of our gear manufacturing equipment

  • Seven vertical gear hobbing machine – Parts diameter of 0’’ to 48’’ – external tooth gears
  • Ten horizontal gear hobbing machine – Parts diameter of 0’’ to 16’’ – external tooth gears
  • Four shapers – Parts diameter of 0’’ to 40’’ – internal or external tooth gears
  • One thread mill – Maximum parts size of 12’’ x 54’’ – worm drives
  • Two thread grinding machines – Maximum parts size of 6’’ x 36’’
  • One 25-ton hydraulic broach – Mass production of internal keyways
  • Two manual shapers – Custom keyways


Whether it’s because of the way we master custom gears, our manufacturing capacity or our optimization of production costs, we have the expertise to help you with your power transmission projects.

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