The Company

The collaboration and complicity developed with our clients are a great source of pride for our company.

High-quality gear manufacturer

ESI Industrial Gears has evolved in the manufacturing of custom gears since 1999. Located in the town of Richmond in the greater Eastern Townships, this company stands out because of its high-precision CNC machining division and its state-of-the-art equipment.

In 2019, ESI Industrial Gears acquired a second factory. There the company installs its gear cutting and grinding equipment and operations. This acquired work space favors machining production and allows the company to expand its consulting service and technical assistance to clients all over North America.

With every project, we target excellence when achieving conformity, respecting deadlines and adding value are concerned.

Our know-how

Indisputably, as a gear manufacturer, our greatest strength is our expertise. It is reflected in each and every one of the very high-precision custom parts we produce. Whether they’re made from steel, aluminium, plastic, composite or bronze, our mechanical parts correspond perfectly to your project requirements.

The wide range and uniqueness of our equipment allow us to offer a quick and efficient turnkey service. Some of our specialised machinery is rarely seen elsewhere in this manufacturing industry. Our machines ensure an exceptional level of precision and this, as much for a part’s size as for its surface finish.

Our mission

ESI Industrial Gears has worked since 1999 as a subcontractor producing custom gears for equipment manufacturers and industrial companies. Our company also owns a high-precision CNC machining division.

ESI Industrial Gears is its clients’ accomplice and always seeks excellence in terms of conformity, deadlines and value.

Located in the town of Richmond in the Eastern Townships, our team has committed to a continuous improvement process that allows ESI Industrial Gears to maintain its loyal clientele and to ensure the company’s growth mainly in the province of Quebec.

Our Commitment in five points

At ESI, we are proud of the intensity of the ongoing efforts to manufacture high-quality products.

A company that is recognized not only as a premium supplier, but also as a partner in your chain of quality
A full range of state-of-the-art, high-performance machinery
A warranty of fitness agreement
Timely deliveries
A consulting service to optimize price-quality performance

Our Policies

ESI constantly strives to improve its internal and external environment. To do so, the company implements its own policies, inspired by the ISO approach and the continuous improvement process. ESI is certified ISO 9001 : 2015.

Environmental policy

ESI commits to minimize the impact of its products, activities, and services on the environment.

Quality policy

We are constantly improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality control system by achieving measurable objectives, which are an integral part of our commitment. This is also reflected in the pride we take in the products and services that we deliver to our clients.

Health and safety policy

The workplace health and safety policy is jointly managed by management and workers’ representatives in a spirit of mutual respect, teamwork, and open communication.

Our Team

Team work, continuing education and acquisition of advanced skills are honoured here at ESI Industrial Gears. We encourage all members of our team to continue learning. Whether it’s knowing how to make a machine function or to master new technical software, we deploy the training resources they need. We know that the key to success lies in the expertises developed within our team and every member’s contribution.

From its employees with more than 20 years of experience to the younger ones who form a dynamic and reliable succession, ESI Industrial Gears counts on its team’s creative contribution. We are convinced that many brains are better than only one! This is why we use everyone’s creativity to put solutions into practice and this way our processes have an added-value. The strength of a team combined with ultra high-performing equipment is the guarantee for an incomparable result.

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Quality Control System

As producers of high-precision gears, we take the quality monitoring process and conformity of parts very seriously. Because it certifies according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, our quality system has become a symbol that links us to an internationally-recognised commitment. At ESI Industrial Gears, every project is proof of our consistency to manage precision and our determination to always better serve our clients.

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