The Company

Over the years, ESI (Engrenages Spécialisés) has developed close relationships with its world-class clients. For each project, its team is committed to excellence in terms of compliance, meeting deadlines, and generating value.

About Us

ESI (Engrenages Spécialisés inc.) is a Quebec company that has been in operation since 1999 in the custom gear manufacturing market. ESI stands out for its high-precision CNC machining division. Located in Richmond, in the Eastern Townships region, ESI offers services to equipment manufacturers in Quebec, New England, New York State, and Pennsylvania.

ESI’ expertise is, without a doubt, its greatest strength. This is reflected in their work manufacturing high-precision custom parts. These parts are manufactured with steel, aluminum, plastics, bronze, and composite materials. ESI has carved a place for itself in the global market.

ESI (Engrenages Spécialisés) maintains close relationships with all of its clients. To do so, its team works to constantly ensure excellence in terms of compliance, meeting deadlines, and generating value.

ESI is engaged in a continuous improvement process, which has an impact on the optimal performance of the parts produced for its clients. In addition, the company’s 20 or so employees are constantly striving to meet the most stringent requirements.

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Our Commitment in five points

At ESI, we are proud of the intensity of the ongoing efforts to manufacture high-quality products.

A company that is recognized not only as a premium supplier, but also as a partner in your chain of quality
A full range of state-of-the-art, high-performance machinery
A warranty of fitness agreement
Timely deliveries
A consulting service to optimize price-quality performance

Our Policies

ESI constantly strives to improve its internal and external environment. To do so, the company implements its own policies, inspired by the ISO approach and the continuous improvement process. ESI is certified ISO 9001 : 2015.

Environmental policy

ESI commits to minimize the impact of its products, activities, and services on the environment.

Quality policy

We are constantly improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality control system by achieving measurable objectives, which are an integral part of our commitment. This is also reflected in the pride we take in the products and services that we deliver to our clients.

Health and safety policy

The workplace health and safety policy is jointly managed by management and workers’ representatives in a spirit of mutual respect, teamwork, and open communication.

Our Team

At ESI, we promote ongoing training and continuous improvement programs. Employees play an important role in creating and implementing solutions to add value to our processes.

Quality Control System

At ESI (Engrenages Spécialisés inc.), we take the quality control process very seriously. Our internal system, inspired by the ISO standard, has become a symbol that links us to an internationally-renowned quality commitment. At ESI, each project demonstrates our consistency in managing precision and our commitment to always providing better service to our clients.