Our policies

ESI constantly strives to improve its internal and external environment. To do so, the company implements its own policies, inspired by the ISO approach and the continuous improvement process. ESI is certified ISO 9001 : 2015.

Environmental policy

Respecting and protecting the environment are fundamental values for Engrenages Spécialisés Inc.

In keeping with its mission, fundamental values, and other corporate policies, the company commits to take the following steps to minimize the impacts of its products, activities, and services on the environment:

  • Preventing pollution (water, air, soil).
  • Complying with legal requirements (municipal, provincial, and federal).
  • Maximizing waste recovery within the company, as well as recycling its materials, instead of disposing of them, both internally and externally.
  • Training and empowering its staff and other collaborators on environmental protection, as well as increasing their awareness.
  • Respecting the environment in choosing the appropriate methods for processing metal, recycling cooling oil, etc.

In addition, ESI understands that a quick response is the best solution in the event of accidental hazardous materials spills. This is why it created an emergency response unit, which is ready to respond 24/7.

Our goal is to continuously improve our environmental performance by reviewing our objectives and targets, and performing an annual assessment of our environmental performance.

Quality policy

ESI (Engrenages Spécialisés Inc.) is committed to ensuring client satisfaction by fully understanding their expectations and meeting the agreed requirements in terms of cost, delivery times, and quality.

We are constantly improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality system by achieving measurable objectives, which are an integral part of our commitment. This is also reflected in the pride we take in the products and services that we deliver to our clients.

At ESI, continuous improvement is based on a dynamic partnership between management, employees, and suppliers that lays the foundation for a relationship of trust with our clients.

Health and safety policy

At ESI, health and safety is a top priority and every effort is made to provide a safe working environment for all of its employees. Various aspects of job positions are studied and analyzed to reduce and even eliminate all risks to the health and safety of workers.

We are constantly improving our tools, equipment, management practices, and work methods. We strive to offer, at all times, a work environment that is safe in every way, so we can avoid serious accidents or injuries. We use lockout procedures to ensure the highest safety standards.

The health and safety policy is jointly managed by management and workers’ representatives in a spirit of mutual respect, teamwork, and open communication. A harassment policy also contributes to the well-being of staff.

At ESI (Engrenages Spécialisés Inc.), all staff members are encouraged to comply with the company’s procedures, especially with respect to safety regulations.

We have developed a strong sense of team spirit within our company and we are always open to constructive suggestions. We are confident that with the full staff cooperation we will be able to achieve the goals set out in our prevention program.