Precision machining

We work thoroughly and meticulously when producing the best machined parts!

Specialised in CNC machining

At ESI Industrial Gears, we have developed a renown and sought out expertise when it comes to matters of precision machining. We can reach the highest standards of precision for all of our clients. To inspect the parts we’ve produced, we use our monitoring system to ensure the exemplary quality and uniformity of our products.

Our skilled team expertly masters the notions of geometric tolerancing (GD&T). These GD&T notions are particularly useful when we validate our productions. With the help of our Mutitoyo CMM machine and the programming of your 3D models, we can validate the quality of every production. This know-how lets us meet your technical drawing requirements and deliver the machined pieces that you need.


Reducing CNC machining costs

The ESI Industrial Gears team is an ingenious rival when it comes to always offering you the best quality/price ratio. We know that production costs are an important stake when decisions are being made. This is why we have set up different options and solutions. For example, we’ve developed various machine setups that, when mounted in the 4th axis, give us the possibility for machining many sides.

Thanks to our CNC multi-axis lathes, we are equally able to manufacture greater volumes of parts in less time.

Our machining workshop

All of our precision machining services are carried out in our factory. The state-of-the-art equipment lets us offer diverse services including turning, milling, slotting and cylindrical grinding of parts.

We have a great capacity for turning with CNC horizontal lathes. These include 15’’, 12’’, 10’’ and 8’’ chucks and slotting capacities. Our 4-axis machining centres with their parts positioning indicators give us the capacity to manufacture every piece with great precision while respecting the tolerancing required by GD&T.
Our flexibility for machining in different axes sets us apart from our competitors!

Cylindrical grinding

We use cylindrical grinding to improve the surface of a part and to obtain an extremely precise diameter, which can be as precise as 0,0001 of an inch. Our CNC cylindrical grinding machine offers us immense flexibility. With a grinder that can be positioned with precision, it reworks the gear shafts or other parts to obtain a surface finish and a highly precise dimension. This machine gives us the option for great repeatability of both small and large productions.

Internal keyways

Aiming to support our production of gears, we have acquired an internal keyway slotting machine. This CNC machine gives us the flexibility to cut the keyways according to standards or custom fit, and this for the inside of parts that collapse or not. For the manufacturing of parts in greater quantities, we also have a horizontal-spindle that cuts the keyways.

Our machining work

Precision turning

Precision milling

External and internal cylindrical grinding

Heat treatment

Our precision machining equipment

We ensure stringent compliance with our clients’ specifications for various types of high-precision machining tasks. To do so, we use the following equipment:

Some of our machining equipment

  • Five 2-axis CNC lathes – Parts size of 0’’ to 24’’
  • One 3-axis CNC lathe with milling tools – Parts size of 0’’ to 10’’
  • One 9-axis CNC lathe with milling tools – Parts size of 0’’ to 2.5’’
  • One 3-axis machining centre – Table size of 20’’ x 40’’
  • Two 4-axis machining centre – Table size of 20’’ x 40’’
  • One CNC cylindrical grinding machine – Parts size of 8’’ x 36’’
  • One 4-axis CNC vertical milling machine (X=48’’, Y=24“, Z=39“, C=20“, Axis diameter of 20“)
  • One 4-axis CNC horizontal milling machine (X=100’’, Y=40“, Z=20“, C=Axis diameter of 20“)


For a precision machining service, you may count on our team’s perfectionism and commitment to get the ideal machined parts for your project.

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