ESI Industrial Gears assembles your mechanical parts according to the standards of practice.

Parts assembly

Our gear and mechanical parts assembly services offer our clients the advantages of saving important costs and time as well as enabling them to accelerate the mechanical assembly of parts on their own production lines.

Our assembly work

ESI has been in business since 1999 and has achieved a lot over the years. Through the high precision and quality of our products, we have earned the loyalty of our customers. Their performance requirements and the relationships we have developed with them have helped us achieve exemplary standards in producing high-quality precision parts.

Quality Control System

At Engrenages Spécialisés, we take the quality control process very seriously. Our internal system, inspired by the ISO standard, has become a symbol that links us to an internationally-renowned quality commitment. At ESI, each project demonstrates our consistency in managing precision and our commitment to always providing better service to our clients.


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