ESI Industrial Gears Makes an additional investment of more than $250 000

Today, ESI Industrial Gears’ President, Christian Noël, confirmed that an investment of more than $250 000 will be made in addition to those made in the past few years. “This brings the total investments up to more than $1M over less than five years,” said Mr. Noël.

“We have become a key player in Quebec’s machining and precision gears market. Our clients benefit from a full range of upgraded, state-of-the-art equipment. Thus, we can remain competitive and maintain high quality standards for each project,” added the President of ESI Industrial Gears.

“It is under these circumstances that ESI Industrial Gears seeks to manage its growth. Our team is ready to tackle challenges and we have the capacity to grow with our clients. We have obtained ISO certification, we are developing our American market, and we continue to assist our clients in their growth projects,” said Christian Noël.

Through its new website (, ESI Industrial Gears hopes to attract a skilled workforce. The company recently created and filled a new position, but soon it would like to hire other specialized machinists.

ESI Industrial Gears is a Quebec company that has been established in the custom gears manufacturing market since 1999. Located in Richmond, in the Eastern Townships region, ESI offers services to equipment manufacturers in Quebec, New England, New York State, and Pennsylvania.

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